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    KeyDragon Studios is the recording , manufacturing and distribution company for the following bands:

          1.  KeyDragon - A Gothic/Power/Doom Metal band with diverse guitars, vocals, synthesis, keyboards, and percussion.    KeyDragon combines Power metal guitars with Death metal male vocals with Gothic metal female and male vocals with Doom and Goth styled music.


          2.  KeyDragon Piano Pieces - This is Ron Langford on the piano playing modern, contemporary, and classical pieces.      


          3.  Dry Rot - A Death Metal band that incorporates many samples from horror movies.                                                      

          4.  9th Wave - A New Wave/Euro Dance band.                                                                                                                     


     Ron Langford is the founder of KeyDragon Studios.  He plays in all of these bands as keyboardist, synthesist, vocalist, percussionist, guitarist, and programmer.  Ron Langford, also known as KeyDragon, grew up and currently resides in Grass Valley, California.  His current occupation is middle school teacher and musician.

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KeyDragon Studios
Band Members:  Ron Langford, Bobby Blackmon, Tamara Venus Star, Jason Whisman,  Dan Marshall
Influences:  Lacuna Coil, Leaves Eyes, Darkwell, Stream of Passion, Within Temptation, Trail of Tears
Sample Songs
Dry Rot
Band Members:  Ron Langford, Andrew Grant, Justin Carlson, Jason Brehm
Influences:  Obituary, Death, Pantera, Fear Factory
Sample Songs
9th Wave
Band Members:  Ron Langford, Dan Marshall, Dave Baxley, Marc Parucinni
Influences:  Devo, The Cars, Depeche Mode, Men Without Hats
Sample Songs
KeyDragon Piano Pieces
Band Members:  Ron Langford
Influences:  Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Mendelson
Sample Songs

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